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What is PDI CRM?

You have that data sitting in your Pastel Accounting company, but are you really making the best of it. Can you quickly see what a customer has purchased, where items have been sold and for what prices. Can you quickly and easily see the prices a customer has paid for a given product or service. Do you have contact notes for a client. Our guess is you answered at least “no” to one of those questions, this means you aren’t utilising the information you have and serving your clients efficiently.

If you are not giving quick information and good customer service to your clients then the chances are someone else will only be to happy to take them over.

PDI CRM for Sage Pastel Accounting links all that information together, in simple views and more importantly in a direct link. We don’t export / import data or move to remote servers we just use your existing company data and give you the views into that data. Create paper based reports using the PDI internal report designer, as well as create data cubes that allows you to quickly analysis your Pastel and CRM data

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