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Your success is our success, your business IT and business system challenges are where we specialise. 

When Andrew Gericke started the company in 1990 he had a vision in mind, to provide customers with the right tools - hardware, software and knowledge -  to give their business a strong foundation. By providing business owners and managers with efficient and cost effective systems, they would be able to concentrate on their core business and focus on growing their company. Much has changed in the 29 years that AG Computer Accounting has been in the business, from the introduction of the internet, email, cloud computing and mobility to the harsh reality of malware, ransomware and data loss - through it all we have kept constant our belief that our success is rooted in helping our clients achieve success in their chosen field. 

The old adage goes, you have to spend money to make money, and when it come to your companies IT expenses this certainly applies. However, the trick is to manage your IT costs by implementing the right systems and partnering with service providers that are committed to providing cost effective and efficient solutions - that is where AG Computer Accounting specialises. We are able to offer accounting, payroll, network and systems management, development, product training and support services - a one stop solutions shop as it were! 

Teamwork makes the dream work

We never underestimate the importance of relationships, with our staff, our customers, our suppliers and our future customers. This is why we want to connect with the people we are in business with and not always go the remote support route (unless it's the most practical way to support you). We want to learn about your business and what makes you successful, so we can support you and help your company grow from strength to strength.